Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order?

To purchase an item simply click on the "Into the shopping-cart" button. You can now decide if you want to continue shopping, by clicking on the " continue shopping" button or, if you have finished adding items to your order, you can click on the "continue payment" button to finalize your payment.


When do I recieve my order?

Your order will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. You will recieve an email with a track & trace number. An indication of the delivery time is listed below:


Delivery time:
TNT International Parcel Post DPD Parcel Services
Netherlands 1-2 business days 2-3 business days
Europe 3-7 business days 2-4 business days
World 5-15 business days n.a.

Can I change my order after payment?

You may request a change to your order, provided that your order has not already been sent to our warehouse for fulfillment or shipped. Promptly email us the exact changes to your order and include your order number to info@afrocosmetics.com We will do our very best to accommodate your request. If your account has already been charged, you can anticipate a refund to your account within 4-5 business days.




Frequently Asked Hair Questions

Human Hair or Synthetic Hair?

Weaves and Wigs come in both synthetic and human hair, and you will want to think carefully about your lifestyle and desired look before choosing a hair type. Synthetic hair has its uses, particularly for braided or twisted styles. However, synthetic hair is not ideal for more free-flowing styles because it will not provide the desired natural look. Human hair is more suitable for use with free-flowing styles.

What's the difference between Human Hair, Remy Human Hair and Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian hair is 100% human hair, but has never been curled or straighened by heat or chemicals, bleached or colored. Sleek hand-process the hair maintaining the cuticle alignement. Natural Straight Brazilian Hair Extensions have a very slight wave, but they can be straightened using heated hair styling tools. The slight wave will return when the hair is washed. Like Remy hair, this hair still has its cuticle intact and is kept aligned with all roots pointing in the same direction. However Brazilian hair is different to Remy hair in that Remy hair undergoes processing for consistency and is colored. Sleek Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions are in their natural state, and as such are only available in natural brunette shades, but can be colored in the same way as growing hair. Furthermore Brazilian hair also differ from premium quality hair in that they do not require silicon, teflon or other coating to make them silky and tangle-free, they are naturally strong, glossy and silky.


What's the difference between a normal wig and a lace front wig?

A lace front wig has the following characteristics over a normal wig:

  •        Hand tied & breathable lace front unit for a natural hairline look.
  •        Snap clips & adjustable straps for a perfect and secure fit.
  •        Lightweight & comfortable cap.
  •        Multiple styling options: